Friday, September 28, 2012

A Tour of One of My Favorite Shops in France: esprit de sel


Esprit de Sel was one of my favorite shops in all of Europe this summer!  Unfortunately, I discovered it too late.  We were driving in Carcassone, France after an already long day of exploring when I begged my husband, "Stop the car! I HAVE to go in that store!"

So, I jumped out while the crew stayed put. Any shopping trip with a husband and kids sitting in the car waiting isn't going to be a good one but I grabbed my wallet and camera and hoped for the best!

I was greeted by the lovely owner, Jocelyne Feller

Jocelyne is such a talented curator.  She has an eye for a broad range of styles-- retro, vintage, contemporary, quirky-- you name it.  It's such an eclectic shop, and it all blends together beautifully.

 From clothing to umbrellas, suitcases, boots, soaps and lotions, ornaments, lampstands, ceramics, and furniture, the shop goes on...and on...and on.

I was surprised to see more rooms beyond this doorway.

Even the hallway was packed with eye candy.

Where did this lovely gallery come from?

This teeny tiny nook filled with the unexpected was a fun surprise. 

Such a cheerful collection of pillows, linens and duvets.  I wish I grabbed that pillow in the bottom right hand corner!

Fabulous local art

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Esprit de Sel.  I'll be back!

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