About Me

My name is Jenna Miller Pelaez.  I am a Realtor with Keynote Properties (01481946) and have been remodeling and selling homes in San Francisco for over a decade. I recently started helping clients as a Remodel Consultant.  This blog highlights my passion for creating beautiful homes in San Francisco.

In the remodeling side of my business, I tap into my Real Estate expertise to make recommendations for home improvement projects that make financial sense, in addition to being beautiful and functional living spaces for my clients.  Add 12 years of remodeling experience in San Francisco to the mix and I know exactly who to call to get the job done and where to source the materials that will make your home fabulous and uniquely your own.  I also have 12 years of experience navigating the challenging San Francisco building department.

On the creative side of remodeling, wonderful natural light and a feeling of airiness are the most important elements of a home to me which is where I found the blog name "Casa di Aria" or House of Air in Italian.  My own home has an urban farm feel.

I scour junkyards, flea markets, Craigslist and even my own backyard in search of hidden treasures to re-purpose and re-use in my homes.   I believe a home that is elegant and airy while also supporting rugged and worn elements has tremendous style but also invites comfort and a feeling of ease.  

Through this blog I search for inspiration to make a house a home, which takes more than just filling it with beautiful objects.  It also means filling your home with memories and laughter...delicious, healthy foods...romance...a feeling of financial security...and a joyful spirit, to name a few.  I hope you enjoy my blog!