Monday, February 20, 2012

Kelly's Canvas of a Home

I am so excited to show you my friend Kelly's home! In fact, I may have started blogging just so I could show her home to the world (or at least my teeny blog world).  She lives across the street from me in a giant canvas of a home.  When you walk in, you see her expressions of art everywhere.  And no wonder. Kelly is one of the most talented artists I know.

Kelly lives here with her husband Kai and their two beautiful girls-- Lucie Parker and June Marlow.  Don't you love those girl's names?

I can't tell you how many times I've milled around flea markets or stopped in a second hand store with Kelly where she picks something up and says, "Isn't this fabulous?!"  And it's a shred of a shirt or some sort of yarn or a scrap of wood.  And then I walk through her front door two days later and that little something Kelly found takes on a whole new life in her home.  Her house is like a painting that she keeps layering and layering.  Every time I step inside, there's something new.  Something fabulous. Kelly!

Kelly picked up this vintage tray from the flea market and placed pretty paper inside.  So charming.

Why not hang big, red pom poms from the ceiling!?  This is the children's play room with a view into the dining room and living room.

When you first walk in, you are greeted by a vast open floorplan.  You see straight through the entry hall through the family room, shown here, and to the kitchen.  

Can you see one of her Scudo Saraceno light fixtures with its hand painted silk and Murano glass beading, from Sue Fisher King. Ridiculous!  Next time I'll get a better photo!

The mushroom

The living room is full of amazing pieces.  The Shabby Chic sofa is anything but shabby.  It's next to Kelly's beautiful desk.

If Kelly's desk were mine, I'd automatically produce amazing things while sitting at it. How wonderful is the wood veneer with those thick plastic sheets along the side. The leather chair is from Restoration Hardware. 

Kelly was checking out Laurie b's new Spring line on her lap top. Check out Laurie b's tuxedo shirt from her Spring 2012 line!
Mini Tux, Summer Tux & Mini Tux from Laurie b. knitwear Spring 12
A quick detour to Laurie b's Spring line. LOVE!
How great is this room!  The antique silk rug over to the side...the reflective silver globe...that coffee table/seat.  Kelly is so good at creating her own space.

A smoothe, round, white tulip table dressed with art and design books stands in the corner of the living room.  Kelly always has an inspirational book to show me.

Love that clear lamp.

How unique is this dining room?  I have to give credit where credit is due here.  The purple glass chandelier was a selection by Kai, who like Kelly, has great taste in furnishings and lighting.  

The entire powder room is painted in one, rich deep, dark, eggplant color. There is a floor to ceiling mirror opposite the two mirrors you see.  My camera (and my photography skills) cannot convey the drama and interest of this dark and stormy powder room.  I love it all!

The kitchen is stunning.  The cabinetry is crisp white and there's Marble all around save for the island, which is reclaimed Port Ord Cedar. Kelly has caught me staring at this lovely piece of wood before. The glass door with black and white striped fabric (from Ikea) is her pantry.

Even Kelly's kitchen sink is inspirational and I'm not referring to the Waterworks Fireclay Farmhouse sink, which we all know is GORGEOUS...I'm talking about Kelly's glass jar of sponges and paint brushes.  A daily reminder that creating art-- painting to be exact-- is as important as cooking and keeping house around here.

I wish I had a punchy yellow mixer too. 

I also adore how Kelly makes room for art all over the house.  Paintings are everywhere, resting on shelves and tables, almost like books.

 Her window sill always has something to admire.  Kelly loves fresh flowers and they're never the same arrangement.   

I have some vignettes of the girls' rooms too.  So dreamy...

Thank you Kai and Kelly for sharing your canvass of a home with us. XXOO


  1. Wow...her house is amazing. Such a great sense of style. Is that grass on the mantel? Would love to see this one in person too! I can picture it in Elle Decor or Anthology very easily.

  2. The grass on Kelly's mantle was a Christmas decoration she found at Sue Fisher King in San Francisco 2 years ago. I love how Kelly transformed something holiday into year round decor. ~Jenna