Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Billionaire on the Block

I featured the house shown below in a blog post a few months ago called "Tuesday Tour: A Breathtaking San Francisco Mansion."

I just read a hilarious commentary on it via the Front Steps and had to share it below.  Gotta love living in San Francisco!

From The Front Steps:  It’s big news for the Billionaires on Broadway. We have it on good intel that 2701 Broadway, a little house on the hill just down the street from the likes of the Gettys, Trainas, and Ellisons of the world (and let’s not forget a Monster of Rock), has found a buyer willing to pay (rumor has it) around $25,000,000 (originally asking $32,000,000 then reduced to $28,500,000 and no longer listed on MLS) for this one of a kind, meticulously remodeled home, last sold in 1998 for $5,500,000.

Break out the bubbly, and call it all cash (pocket change really), some new billionaires are moving to Broadway’s Billionaire Row. (Taken from The Front Steps).

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  1. Yeah, the only correct response is laughter. Life must be hard when you have to dicker down to 25 mil. :)