Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall in Love with Laurie b

My girlfriends Lily, Kelly and I met up in Union Square to shop Laurie b's Fall 2011 line last month.  What a treat!  Laurie b herself (Kelly's bestie) presented her lovely wares to us one-by-one.  Her style really resonates with me. If my house were a clothing line, I think it would be Laurie b!

Kelly wearing one of my favorite sweaters (sold out!) & the fashionista herself, Laurie b

If you don't know Laurie b, you're in for a treat.  Her sweaters are cozy and casual but totally unexpected.  Many are flowing and feminine but have fabulous asymmetrical lines to bring in just the right touch of funk.  She is the queen of details.  Little stitching on the sleeves, ribbons that tie in back, layered textures and color.  I feel so artsy when I wear Laurie b.  I can't tell you how many times I've been stopped on the street by a stranger telling me how much they love my... Laurie b sweater!  

So many of her knitwears can be worn in several different unique ways, depending on your mood.  Laurie dressed each of us and showed us how each piece can take on a new look.  She even has hidden snaps inside the garments!  I joke around with her that her clothes need to come with instructions because I forget all the different ways to wear them!

"Kelly-- take notes on this. I'm not going to remember how to ensemble this at home!"

Being 'dressed' by a designer is so nice.  It's like getting your hair done, only better!

Laurie b has so many fine details in her clothing, and the yarns--  straight from Italy-- are to die for.  They are so soft and luxurious.  She has cashmere-cotton blends, merino wool and alpaca and linen sweaters. Delish!  I want to sleep in them!  Speaking of which, when is Laurie going to start a line of home goods?! (Her taste and talent in home decor is as wonderful as her talent in fashion!  Many of her clothing line photo shoots take place right in her home!)

Lily has a hard time choosing.

Laurie placing our order.  It's not that hard, Laurie.  We'll take them all!

Is this the cutest thing?  A ballerina sweater with a choker built-in!  
The Winner from Laurie b. knitwear Fall 11 line.
All three of us bought one of these "The Winner"-- clearly!  We will be living in these this winter!
The Yearling from Laurie b. knitwear Fall 11 line.
I couldn't resist this basic.  I have so many sweaters to layer on top of this

Studio Cape from Laurie b. knitwear Fall 11 line.
I bought this sweater, "Studio Cape"-- Love it!  

You can find Laurie b at Bloomingdales and Nordstrom as well as hundreds of boutique shops, including Dema in the Mission.  Thank you Laurie for dressing us so we can look fabulous this fall!

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