Friday, September 2, 2011

Style & Taste Don't Require Money

My friend Amy told me about a wonderful NYT article on September 1st called "Gifts from the Sea, and The Landfill Create a Stylish Home" by Joyce Wadler.  This charming story reminds us that style and taste don't require money.  

Michael Fleming, an artist, made the farmhouse table out of 100-year-old pine bought for about $60.

Here is a clipping from the article:
Fleming and Wurst are a couple with a talent for living and for furnishing a home stylishly on a budget. Their annual income these days is about $17,000, now that Wurst has stopped teaching to spend more time with their son, and Fleming is concentrating on his artwork and home-furnishings business, Designs Adrift.

The living room furnishings shown here total $828
 I love this!  Definitely worth reading this inspiring piece.

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