Saturday, March 30, 2013

Living in an Art Museum- The Impact of Art on Space

I came across this modern loft in a highrise condo building in the South Park disctrict of San Francisco while browsing MLS. It just hit the real estate market. 

It's a 1 bedroom, 1  1/2 bathroom, 1270 square foot condo listed for $770,000.  

The loft is overflowing with original art, and lots of different textures-- concrete, wood, metal, and crisp white walls.  If you undressed the space it would feel sparce and uninviting but with the pops of color and varied art the space itself truly is a work of art, enhanced by it's decor.

The power of interior design.


Here is another condo in the same building, so it has a similar layout and overall feel, but the decor is quite different.  You can see how the look and feel of the entire loft changes with the drabby and lackluster staging.

Let's pretend we're taking an eye exam...A or B?  Which picture reads more clearly to you?

                                         A                                   OR                                      B

                                    A                                         OR                                   B

                                    A                                        OR                                      B

                                    A                                       OR                                       B

It's always fun to compare different decor in the same space. It really shows you the power of design.  I believe color and light are the two most important elements in a home. 

This bright and airy loft is located at 77 Dow Place #103, San Francisco.

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