Thursday, January 24, 2013

Family Photos as Works of Art for the Home

I wanted to share with you some of the results of a wonderful photo shoot my friend Lily and I organized for our family photographer, Molly Aguilar, of Picadilly Posh Photography.  We invited 40 friends to a fun little alley way in San Francisco's Hayes Valley neighborhood to snap photos for the holidays.
What we ended up with was so much more than the usual family portrait.  Molly snapped works of art. It's amazing how color, perspective, and interesting angles on ordinary objects can turn a family portrait into inspiring decor for the home.
Check out the photos to see what I mean...
Look at that ridiculous lighting.  The umbrella!
Why wouldn't you pose in front of the meat truck?!

Are you kidding me with those glasses?! The colors in this photo are fabulous.

So cute!

Is this a page out of magazine?

 Photos in front of graffiti are always so vibrant

How cute is this couple?!

...Even cuter in this photo! 

Kids and construction- a happy mix

I love this angle

What a clever shot with the sign in the background, not to mention a blurry Santa
Thanks to Molly's clever shots, gone are the days of portraits on Santa's lap.
I hope these unique shots inspire you the next time you consider taking a family picture.

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