Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Trove Wallpaper

Have you checked out the beautiful Trove wallpapers?  My friend Kelly introduced Trove to me and I fell in love with their organic images and varied colorways right away.

Based in NYC, Trove wallpapers are moody, modern and unexpected with some brighter colorway options as well. They take photographic images and turn them into artsy wallcoverings. Everyday images like birds, butterflies, branches, smoke, and even air are used in unexpected ways to create drama and depth. This is not the old wallpaper in your mother's bathroom! 

The papers are not only made-to-order but made in-house so quality control is strictly maintained.  And, apparently they have a collection of wallcoverings produced from stone, of all things.  It's called StoneGround and is composed of calcium carbonate (from marble and limestone), and resin.  Besides being tree-less, it's also water-less-- i.e. no water is used in production so there is no waste water to dispose of.  Plus, this process uses 20 to 30% less ink that tradtional paper because the fiberless surface doesn't absorb ink like tree pulp.  Besides being environmentally friendly, it's also pocketbook friendly costing the same as their traditional wallcoverings-- about $13 to $16 per square foot depending upon the design.

I am so impressed with the richness of their designs, I am ordering two of their patterns on canvass to create works of art in one of the rental apartments I am working on.  They also sell their patterns on wood veneers and window film in addition to standard wallpaper applications so there are lots of options for incorporating their cool designs into your home.
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Ridiculous!  I hope you enjoyed these beautiful images of Trove wallcoverings!

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  1. Wow, these are really beautiful! I especially like the one that looks almost like jelly-fish floating in the water. Thanks for the resource ideas!