Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun, Painted, Interior Doors with Fresh Pops of Color

I am brainstorming ideas for my client's master bathroom door.  We found a beautiful, old, Victorian front door with leaded glass in half of it at the salvage yard.  We had the glass repaired and bought a very rustic, industrial set of barn tracks to hang it on.  One side is painted white and the other side is stained a cherry color.  

I asked the painter to sand it down as far as he could go without stripping it to see what it would look like, but my client is leaning towards having the whole door painted in a fresh, glossy, new paint.  I could go either way, but I think I'd prefer the rustic, as-is look.  I'd  be open to doing one side freshly painted and the other not.  We'll see if I can convince him. 

For now, I found some inspirational photos of doors painted with fun pops of color.  We'll see what inspires us both and when it's finished I'll post a photo.

Take a look...

This high gloss plum colored door leads from the dining room to the butler's pantry.
room with purple door
Source: House Beautiful. Maura McEvoy

Yellow is so much fun!  It's the color of the sun.
Source:  Pia Ulin via Apartment Therapy
This door brings a smile to my face.
Tobi Fairley via Domino
Source:  Meyer Davis Studio via Irene Turner

Anything painted a faded blue/gray is gorgeous to me!  So Swedish!
Source: Unknown

I do wonder how black would look.  I think it could be really fun.

Source: Unknown

This is a fabulous yellow/green color.  Hmmm....this color would work well.

Source: A San Francisco entryway by Feldman Architecture

Back to the old, custy, paint chipping, half-on, half-off look.  There's something about it.  I do love it.
Old Doors In The Hallway
Source:  From Modern House Insight

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