Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Fairy Tale Home for the Birthday Girl

I thought I was going to drop my daughter off at her friend's birthday party until I walked in and saw the magical scene my friend Kelly created for her daughter Lucie.  I was so captivated, I could not bring myself to leave!

Kelly turned her home into an enchanted forest filled with gnomes, moss covered vases, dripping, gigantic flower arrangements, and fairy dust.  Kelly's love for her daughter Lucie poured all over her magical home. It was so dreamy, I just had to share it with you.

How cute is that little gnome perched inside the pink roses?!

The dining room table was packed with goodies

The Fairy Mom herself, Kelly, arranging the table.

Of course Kelly made "Fairy Berries" for the girls.

Even without a fairy tale party, Kelly and Kai's home feels magical.  Just look at this beautiful purple glass chandelier dripping with gold ribbons for the party. Not a detail was missed.
At first I thought Kelly painted this magical scene. She actually found this wallpaper at Jeremy's and taped it onto the walls, covering the room.  She placed a large white blanket on the floor so the girls could play and eat in this magical forest.
How cute would that wallpaper be in a little girl's room?!
Kelly bought cupcakes from the bakery but made this gorgeous flower arrangement herself.  Can you see all the charming details on this beautiful, mirrored table-- the moss covered purse, the book of gnomes, the little fairy portraits.  So clever.

You may be asking yourself, "How does Kelly do it?"  Of course, it's magic!  But this is her studio up on the fourth floor of her home where inspiration oozes out of her, spilling all over the floor!

Kelly glued moss on cardboard cups to make fairy houses for each of the girls

Then she filled bowls full of little rocks, feathers, shells, sparkles, flowers, and jewels so each girl could decorate her own fairy house. 
The girls also went on a fairy hunt in the forest in search of more gems to sprinkle on their little fairy houses.  So fun.


Even the frog feels inspired by Kelly's enchanted birthday party for Lucie.  I hope you feel inspired too.  Have a magical day!

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