Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fabulous Home Offices

Now that the holidays are over, it's back to work.  Home offices are important for so many of us.  Whether it's an entire devoted room, a corner in the kitchen, or a combo guest bedroom, creating an organized and inspirational home office is key to getting work done at home. 

I've collected several office images online. Some are eclectic, others are modern, and a few are quite traditional.  They're all as different as the people who work in them, I imagine.  

This pink one is my personal favorite...
This wall color is fabulous. Who wouldn't want a mirrored desk? I love the chandelier above it and the gold mirror on the wall is beautiful. I'm guessing a creative person works here!

There's room for two in this simple office. I like the modern pieces and warm wood tones

Lots of space here in this home office. I like how the walls and ceiling are the same color and loads of storage is a must-have in a work space.

This is a great home office too. I like how the desk is so simple and clean lined and yet behind it is a smattering of photographs and memos on a bulletin board. The pink inside the bookshelves is so pretty and that rug is perfection! How about that chair?!

Loving the brick and that industrial door in the background.
Very sleak. This home office screams "finance" to me.

Just a little nook in the hallway. My favorite thing here is that little chair and the brief case parked on the floor.

Any office which opens to the outdoors is a place I want to be especially when the entire wall unfolds.

Work hard, play hard...My kinda workspace!

Does a professional shopper work here?

Classic kitchen office.

I like the wall of shelving and the sconces attached to it.

"Organization is the key to success!"  I am quoting my 7th grade teacher.

What a pretty ceiling color.  It matches the sky. How much work can you get done on that backless stool?

I wonder what goes on in this home office?

The woodwork here is stunning.
Clearly a staged home office.  Who would stare at the wall with all those windows?

Great use of every nook and cranny

Am I looking at a chapel or a home office? What intricate ceiling detail.  Look at all those curves.

I hope you enjoyed these home office tours.  Back to work...

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